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Hey y'all! I am...

  • A therapist who likes to help people discover their truth and live it in the most doable way possible.

  • A person who loves learning through new experiences (such as traveling).

  • An animal lover who especially enjoys dogs, brown bears, and gorillas.

  • A mom and a partner that works on undoing generational trauma, improving communication, and practicing being open.

  • A former "good" girl learning that only being "good" is not the goal, or even realistic, but being authentic is.

  • A therapist who loves working with people who might be afraid of change, but are willing to move forward anyway.

If you wanna know the "resume" answer to who I am as a therapist, this part is for you!

Pamela Lomax Tippit is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). She holds an M.S. in counseling psychology from Alabama A&M University and a B.A. from the University of Alabama. Before starting Blissful Mind Behavioral Health in March 2018, Ms. Tippit worked for over 18 years serving diverse populations and clients ranging from children to seniors. Her varied experience in community mental health, hospital and school settings have provided Ms. Tippit with the perfect foundation for providing comprehensive therapy services in the private practice setting. She is passionate about serving BIPOC and women clients, and helping clients build resilience while becoming emotionally intelligent and strong so that they have the possibility to live the positive and productive lives that we are all destined for. Ms. Tippit provides services that help give all clients the tools, encouragement, and information to live in a way that uplifts them in their life journey and helps them find bliss along the way.

Pamela Lomax Tippit resides in Huntsville, AL with her husband, Eric Tippit, daughter, Destiny Lomax, and Yorkipoo, Beauregard AKA Beau.

Understanding whom I serve at Blissful Mind Behavioral Health

Does any of this sound like YOU?

  • Do you feel responsible for everyone around you? Family, coworkers, significant others?

  • Do you think that giving of yourself (i.e. time, energy, effort, support, LOVE) means that you should receive that same energy in return?

  • Do you think that everyone else in your life's happiness is a priority over your own?

  • Are you afraid to let other people be who they are and let events happen naturally?

If it does, reach out to us!



  • "Good" girl syndrome

  • Boundaries: not only with people but with your time, energy, and effort as well.

  • Communication: finding and using your voice, learning positive communication skills, and getting heard.

  • Discover who you want to be and what you want.

  • Walk with you through life transitions.


Receive the following:

  • A safe space to receive treatment.

  • An environment that can meet you where you are at.

  • A space where if you (or I) don't know we can ask and talk about it.


  • Mood disorders (i.e. depression, anxiety, Bipolar)

  • ASD (high functioning)

  • Adjustment disorders

  • Attention deficit disorder

  • Perfectionism

The "Trap"

  • Learn about generational trauma and how to heal from it.

  • Understand real forgiveness and how it can improve your relationships.

  • Working on developing a healthy balance with being open and learning how openness with thoughts, feeling, and emotions is key to improved wellness, mental health, and real connection.

Pam Tippit



207 Eustis Ave, Suite D
Huntsville, AL 35801

Office Hours

Mon - Thur: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Fri: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sat - Sun: Closed

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